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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

With cooler weather and the poor air quality advisory no longer in effect, Sputnik, Dylan, and Roger Roger headed back up the mountain at Settler's Park today. Dylan and Roger Roger hopped into the ditch stream next to a flock of ducks and sent them flying. When the ducks landed a little further upstream, Dylan and Roger Roger pursued. Dylan again waited at the same intersection when the rest of us followed the trail that went back up part of the mountain, and then caught up when he was convinced we weren't turning around.

Variety Pack

It stayed relatively cool through the afternoon, and storm clouds filled the sky, so we headed to CU South again. There were some rumbles of thunder in the distance, but it didn't rain on us. Ruffers and Lou both seemed a little uneasy at the rolls of thunder. I don't think Avo and Lou had spent any time together before today. They were a little unsure of each other when they first met in the packmobile, but during the walk they hopped around playfully with each other. At one point, Avo leapt into the air and then jumped further off of Zoey's back, while Zoey just stood in place without reacting.

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