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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The cooler weather today was great for hiking! Early on, Sputnik stopped about every 20 feet to sniff and mark various trees and bushes. Avo and Riley alternately joined him to check out whatever her was sniffing, while Ruffers only checked in every once in a while. Despite the cooler air, Sputnik, Avo, Riley, and Ruffers all still hopped into the stream and waded around a bit on our way up the mountain. After the dip, we continued on the trail with fewer stops along the way.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Rey, Poppy, and Lou headed to Bear Creek this afternoon. When another dog in a backyard barked at us as we walked through Martin Park, Poppy perked up and stared intently in the direction from which the sounds came, even though it was some distance away. After that, the rest of the walk was tranquil and pleasant. It sprinkled lightly on us during the end of our walk, and everyone took turns shaking off, only to immediately get flecked with fresh rain drops.

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