Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was another pleasant day for hiking the Red Rock trails from Settlers Park. Sputnik and Avo got a little worked up about a big German Shepherd that was coming down the trail just as we approached the trail head. I brought them aside and they settled down. Everyone behaved themselves well for the rest of the hike after that. We didn't make many stops, aside from when everyone wanted to hop into the ditch streams. Racer was the most impatient to get into the water, and charged right in with a big splash. Also, Griff stopped at one point to sniff around a big boulder, which I suspect had been marked by some other dog before us. The rest of the pack had already passed by it, but Griff found it worth a thorough check.

Variety Pack

Rey, Zoey, Mamacita, and Avo enjoyed a leisurely walk around Wonderland Lake, this afternoon. Even though it was quite a bit cooler out today than most of the summer, Rey and Avo still wanted to hang out in the shaded spots when we passed through them. Avo wiggled around in the grass during one stop. To my surprise, Mamacita did not join her. Zoey wanted to sniff around in a few areas that did not necessarily correspond with the shaded patches where Avo and Rey lingered. Whenever Zoey pulled aside to investigate a scent, her packmates were all quick to come over and check things out for themselves.