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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There are an abundance of pine cones in the dried-up bed of the stream that runs along the Saddle Rock Trail, and Racer wanted to check them out. Meanwhile, Dylan explored up and down the stream bed, but without any particular focus on the pine cones. Roger Roger and Sputnik hung out on the slope just behind me and caught their breaths while we waited for their packmates to finish checking things out. Everyone but Dylan was happy to take some water before we started up the mountain again. We didn't double back at any point, the way we had been doing at the Red Rocks Trails, so Dylan maintained his scouting position throughout the hike, a little way ahead of the pack. By the end of the hike, Dylan was finally thirsty enough to lap up some water when I offered it to him, while his packmates didn't miss a single chance to wet their tongues.

Variety Pack

Avo and Zoey got right into Boulder Creek when we stopped there during our walk this afternoon. Ruffers and Lou crept around at the water's edge, even though the creek was running shallow. I guess they saw their packmates stepping awkwardly over the rocky creek bed and decided they would rather stay where they had sure footing. Avo was a little wary of Lou, since they typically come out at different times and haven't been around each other before; but, by the latter half of our walk, Avo was hopping and play-bowing around Lou. At that point, Lou was the one who wasn't sure what to make of Avo, and she just stood in place while Avo did her thing. When Lou didn't respond, Avo turned her attention to Zoey. And when Ruffers saw Avo trying to play with Zoey, she decided to join in. Ruffers tried mounting Zoey to get her attention, while Avo hopped around in front of her. At that point, I settled everyone down and we resumed the rest of our walk.

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