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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The rain and sleet mix made for some droopy faces among the pack today. The trails were mostly empty, as apparently not many people wanted to brave the weather. We did see one other dog, who came up from behind us as the pack were taking their time sniffing around on our way up the Saddle Rock Trail. I was tipped off to the other dog's approach when Sputnik started lagging behind. We pulled over to the side of the trail to let them pass. Sputnik minded his manners very nicely, as did Griff and Racer. We didn't see any other hikers after that, and soon started making our way back down the mountain. Once we made it back to the packmobile, I towel dried each of them in turn. Griff and Racer were both a bit wary of being blanketed in towels, while Sputnik came right up and leaned into me as I wrapped his around him.

Variety Pack

It wasn't quite as wet this afternoon as it had been for the Adventure Pack. We headed to the Bear Creek Path, where the dogs spent a while sniffing around in the park before we really got moving. They were all especially interested in nibbling on wet grass and suckers at the bases of trees. Rey and Avo each hopped around playfully with each other when we stopped at another grassy field along the way. They both also hopped around Zoey and Mamacita, but Zoey and Mamacita didn't respond to their antics.

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