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Friday Pack Activities (11/11/2022)

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Griff roamed the Mesa Trail together. Griff nibbled on some of the fresh shoots of grass that are growing up around the bases of the dried-up tall grass. A lot of pack members have been partaking in the delicacy this week at the Chautauqua, but Dylan wasn't interested. The pair of them stuck pretty close together as we hiked, spending most of the time following just behind me.

Variety Pack

We encountered a rollerblader early on in our walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Rey was very alert to their presence and clearly a bit agitated, but didn't bark or make any moves toward them. The rest of the pack barely took notice. Zoey, Carl, Ruffers and Rey were all very interested in a flock of geese we saw in front of the library. Lou's attention was entirely on me while her packmates gawked at the geese. Everyone walked in very nice formation, which made for a pleasant time out despite the chilly weather.

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