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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Sputnik led the way up the Mesa Trail. There was an icy, shaded stretch on the switchback up to Enchanted Mesa, but the trails were otherwise mostly clear of ice, snow, and mud. Riley and Dylan enjoyed climbing on top of a snow mound near the trail head, and Dylan wiggled around on his back there and at another snowy spot later on. Roger Roger had no trouble keeping up, and hiked right at my side as he always does.

Variety Pack

Lou, Carl, Zoey, and Ruffers enjoyed walking the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Ruffers got a break as Carl walked beside Lou today. Rather than serving as a barrier to Carl, Lou led by example as she walked a step behind me, close to my side. Carl sometimes followed her example, and other times was distracted by the smells in the grass beside the path. Meanwhile, Zoey and Ruffers perked up at the sight of other dogs whom we passed now and then. Although they looked very interested in the other dogs, they stayed in formation and didn't pull - they just did a little extra sniffing at the air as they went by.


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