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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Roger Roger, Ruffers, and Dylan all hit the Mesa Trail together today. The weather was pretty dreary, but we still saw a number of other hikers. Dylan opted not to wiggle around in any of the snow patches today. Ruffers and Roger Roger enjoyed some dodging and wrestling with each other at one point. Sputnik leapt into the mix a couple times. Dylan was up ahead of the rest of us. He didn't try to make any moves, and instead just waited for the rest of us to catch up to him.

Variety Pack

Riley and Carl had some fun hopping around with each other during our walk around Wonderland Lake. Zoey was busy sniffing. She was pretty thorough in checking out her preferred spots today. Lou seemed excited about the commotion, but couldn't decide whether to direct her attention to me or to her playful packmates.