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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan couldn't get enough of the snow again today. He was so busy rolling around in it that he didn't mind letting Griff take the lead on the trail most of the time. Sputnik and Roger Roger enjoyed chomping on some snow. Each of the boys sniffed at various spots that caught their interests, but there was one mound of yellow snow beside a small pine bush, that drew everyone's attention for a thorough check. Later on, I think Dylan and Griff caught sight of some deer somewhere in the distance. I didn't see them myself, but the alert, determined posture with which Dylan and Griff started jogging off in one direction together leads me to suspect that deer were afoot.

Variety Pack

Carl was a bit more distracted than usual today. He was very interested in chewing on grass that was soaked through with snow melt, or chewing on any other random bits of anything he could find along the way. Lou, Ruffers, and Zoey all walked very nicely together, but Carl was too caught up in chewing on things to take note of their good example. Zoey made sure we stopped a couple different big trees along Boulder Creek, so she could sniff all around their trunks. The rest of the pack were happy to oblige and check out the news for themselves, as well.


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