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Friday Pack Activities (3/15/2024)

Adventure Pack

Dylan wasted no time getting to rolling around in the snow. He also enjoyed burying his face in it. Alfie shared an interest in this pastime, and the two of them indulged countless times during our Chautauqua hike. Alfie was extra playful in the snow today, which drew Lucy in, and those two had fun pouncing on and around each other in the deep stuff. Lou danced around the edges of their play, but didn't really get involved. Dylan was busy entertaining himself in his own patch of heaven. Between trudging through the snow, playing in the snow, and pulling off to the side of the channel in the snow so as to allow other hikers and skiers to get by (it was quite busy at the Chautauqua today!), we didn't make it very far up the trail.

Variety Pack

The Variety Pack had a more tame outing than their morning counterparts. Aside from some sniffing and peeing, the dogs kept out of the snow. I guess Alfie had his fill already. Lumi lay down in the snow when we stopped for a pack photo at the mile marker boulder, but didn't go for it any other times. Carl was actually going to pass by that touchstone without checking the daily news, until I directed the pack over to it. Ruffers really had no interest in the snow, and just trotted along in place at my side.


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