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Friday Pack Activities (3/29/2024)

Adventure Pack

Nelly, Lou, Yoshi and Dylan beat the rain on their Chautauqua hike to Enchanted Mesa. The slightest mist started hitting us just as we were making our way back to the packmobile. Nelly was going for the grass today, so I kept her on the move. Yoshi got pretty excited about the other dogs we saw on the trail. He didn't bark or fully lunge toward them, but his focus was fully on them and he tried to pull in their direction. Whenever there is mud on the trail, Lou manages to get it splattered all over her face. Today, she ended up with a big splotch on the white side of her forehead. Dylan was still able to find a suitable snow patch to roll around in.

Variety Pack

Jen lent a hand again with this afternoon's pack, which included Blu, Gidget, Arlo, Racer, Griff, Carl, Lumi, Ruffers and Alfie. The rain felt pretty light, but by the end of the walk everyone was thoroughly soaked. Carl was very interested in nibbling on grass. Griff and Alfie were both pretty tuned into the prairie dogs, although there weren't very many out and about today. There was some goose poop sprinkled along the path, and it took some effort to keep Blu away from it. There was one stretch of the walk where Ruffers was extremely alert and pulling ahead and off toward the field beside us, although we couldn't figure out what she was so focused on. Gidget and Arlo walked in place nicely the whole time. Racer pulled off to the side every so often to sniff around, but generally just walked on pace with the pack. Lumi also walked nicely with everyone, except that when it was raining a little harder near the end of the walk, he kept slowing and stopping but not seeming to have any particular idea about what he wanted to do - perhaps he was just annoyed by the rain and not sure what to do about it.


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