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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Racer, and I headed up the Ski Jump trail at the Chautauqua this morning, as the overcast sky drizzled lightly on us. After the lightest of sprinkles, the precipitation stopped, and it stayed dry for the rest of our trip. Dylan greeted a couple different dogs we saw; Racer was less interested in saying hello, and just gave a momentary sniff in the general direction of one of the dogs who stopped to check her out. Both of them got some pets when we stopped at the trail head upon our return, to say hello to our old friend Rich whom we used to come across as a fellow hiker but is now an OSMP volunteer who works as a Chautauqua greeter on Fridays.

Variety Pack

Ruffers bolted out of the car at Martin Park, to chase a squirrel up a nearby tree. She stood at the base of the tree, staring at her adversary, while I got the rest of the pack out. Racer tried to make a run for it too, but I was expecting it this time and held onto her. Lou, Zoey, and Carl all minded their manners and made no attempts to follow in Ruffers' pawsteps. The rest of the walk was much less eventful. We made a couple of our usual stops along the Bear Creek Greenway, upon Zoey's urging, and the pack sniffed around a bit. The clouds from earlier had cleared up, so we didn't get rained on at all.


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