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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The Chautauqua was very busy, as it has been especially on Fridays lately, so Sputnik stayed leashed with me through the hike. Roger Roger and Dylan got to roam off leash, since they are calm and friendly greeters of other dogs (at least while off leash - Dylan sometimes gets upset if he wants to say hi and doesn't get to). They made one friend along the way, who was traveling in the same direction as us for a length of trail.

Variety Pack

Zoey joined in with the sniffing that her packmates were doing today, rather than just standing by and waiting on them. There was one particular spot on our way toward Wonderland Lake where each of the dogs took a turn getting a thorough read on the scent they had found. Poppy was first, followed by Lou, then Ruffers, and finally Zoey. Whatever they found on that tuft of grass, it required a good, long smell to satisfy each of them.


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