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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Blu and Gidget joined Dylan for a hike at the Chautauqua this damp, foggy morning. The trails weren't very busy, but we did see a few others out taking advantage of the cool weather. The dogs couldn't get enough of the smells brought out by the moisture, and often waded into the tall grass, putting their noses to work. Blu and Dylan left a lot of their own scents, as well.

Variety Pack

Carl, Zoey and Rey pulled over to sniff in the grass beside the Bear Creek Greenway a lot of times along the way, today. Ruffers and Lou would happily follow along to check things out when their packmates veered off the path. Rey got a bit worked up about a couple dogs we encountered, and I had to pull her aside and have her sit to settle down after she tried to leap across me one time. Meanwhile, Carl let out a couple woofs as the other dog passed by. Ruffers, Zoey, and Lou were all calm and easy.


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