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Monday Pack Activities (1/22/2024)

Adventure Pack

Bear, Ruffers and Dylan headed to Shanahan Ridge for a hike on the trails that are turning from snowy to muddy. Dylan still found some good snow banks to roll in early on, but he also got streaked with mud when he slid down onto the trail. Bear ran around the trails with a bounce in his step. Ruffers lingered behind to give thorough attention to points of interest that we passed.

Variety Pack

Alfie peed a lot during this afternoon's pack outing, but Carl and Bear managed to avoid getting tagged by their towering packmate. He started kicking up some snow after leaving his mark on a boulder, and effortlessly tore up a bunch of turf in a few quick strokes before I interrupted the routine. Carl left plenty of marks along the way, too - as is typical for him. Bear was mellow for the afternoon, after running around the trails earlier. He was the most tuned into me during one stop when I reached for the treat pouch, while Carl and Alfie took a moment to recognize what was going on.


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