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Monday Pack Activities (11/13/2023)

Adventure Pack

Bear was at the head of the pack as we went up the mountain with Dylan following close behind, ahead of me, Lucy and Ruffers. At one point, the boys got distracted by something in the brush, further up the mountain slope from the trail. Dylan caught up to the pack pretty readily when I stopped and called them, but we had to make our way off trail to get Bear's attention anyway. Lucy did a wonderful job of walking on a loose leash most of the time today, and she wasn't getting too worked up about the dogs and birds we passed. Ruffers didn't roam very far while she was off leash; she followed the pack from a short distance and caught up now and then. It was a beautiful day for hiking, and the pack enjoyed a moderate pace with pretty mellow scenery.

Variety Pack

Lou was feeling quite stubborn at the beginning of our walk today, and kept rearing back just to stand in place. Meanwhile, Alfie, Buddy and Carl took all the opportunities to check out the smells in the grass at Martin Park and along Bear Creek Greenway. Alfie and Carl both left their marks numerous times. Kona was a bit impatient and kept wanting to get moving again when the rest of the pack was holding position. Buddy got a bit worked up about some of the dogs and bicycles that passed by us. Carl kept position at my side without pulling ahead, which he has been doing more and more consistently lately.


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