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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley, Sputnik, and Ruffers had a fun time together at Shanahan Ridge. Despite the temperature being in the 30's, the sunny skies above made for very pleasant hiking weather. The hike was pretty uneventful, with just some sniffing here and there. We occasionally passed other hikers with dogs who were on leash, or at a close heel. Sputnik got a little randy with Ruffers near the end of the hike. She hopped away from his attempted mounting, I told him he had to behave himself, and he dutifully minded his manners after that.

Variety Pack

Rey and Zoey enjoyed some time off leash on the Red Rocks Trails at Settler's Park this afternoon. Lou and Ruffers spent the hike on leash with me. Rey explored well off the trail, while Zoey stuck to the beaten path. Lou got quite worked up whenever Rey would come running by to catch up with us. After a trip up the mountain, we walked a short way along the Boulder Creek Path. We turned around at the Kids' Fishing Pond, right where the goose droppings have started to blanket the area around Boulder Creek, lately.

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