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Monday Pack Activities

Morning Pack

Gidget, Blu, and Racer enjoyed walking to Wonderland Lake Park this morning. We saw a few other dogs along the way, and everyone behaved very nicely as we passed. The pack stopped to sniff at many points along the fence line on the south side of the pond, all zeroing into check things out side-by-side.

Adventure Pack

Riley chomped on some snow as we hiked the Mesa Trail, whereas Sputnik was satisfied just drinking from the Camelbak. Ruffers and Griff weren't that interested in drinking water or munching on snow, but they had lots of fun chasing each other around. Meanwhile, Riley jumped around, watching her packmates run, while Sputnik sniffed and marked spots along the way.

Variety Pack

We were on our way to start our Bear Creek pack walk at Martin Park when all the police traffic going by us made me think twice. When we reached the corner of Broadway and Table Mesa and I saw the heavy police presence there, I decided it would be best to head to Boulder Creek for our walk, instead. Zoey, Mamacita, Carl, Rey, and Lou all had a nice time on the Boulder Creek Path. Zoey reliably stopped at her favorite tree in Eben G. Fine Park, and everyone was happy to sniff around the area with her. Rey and Carl got quite excited at the sight of two different dogs we walked by, but kept calm enough despite their interest. Mamacita and Lou followed along in step with me throughout the walk. The time with the pack was nice, though the atmosphere was a bit eerie.

I hope all of the pack's loved ones are safe. Take care.


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