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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik was touchier about the other dogs we passed on the trails today. He had been getting more and more mellow for a long time, but for some reason he was notably more on guard today. Riley stayed by my side and kept her cool, even when she had been staring intently at the other dogs as they approached along the trail. Ruffers was relaxed and friendly, as she usually is on our outings. The trails were relatively busy today, though not quite as bustling as they are at the end of the week. The slightly cooler weather was perfect for comfortable hiking.

Variety Pack

Rey mouthed Poppy's head and nibbled her ears while Poppy smiled, wagged her tail, and Sumo-wrestled with her, before our walk this afternoon. Zoey was sure to stop at her favorite, big tree on the south side of Boulder Creek, and give it a good sniff and marking. I kept a hold of all the leashes when I snapped the pack photo today, to avoid a mishap like last week with Rey. No rollerbladers went by us today. We did encounter a skateboarder later on in the hike, but everyone - including Rey - let him pass without making any rude comments. Lou and Poppy were both very interested in a little puppy that was hanging out on a small hill at one point along the Boulder Creek Path. They both looked over expectantly and whined quietly both times we passed by - on the way out and on the way back.

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