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Monday Pack Activities (3/27/2023)

Adventure Pack

Bear was feeling playful on the trails today. He and Dylan both enjoyed the snow in their own ways - Bear by rubbing his neck and face in it, Dylan by rolling around on his back. Avo and Bear ran around a lot together. Ruffers joined in the playful spirits later on, and chased Avo around. It was a fun time for everyone. At one point, we came by Aston, the Bernese Mountain Dog we've often been seeing. Avo and Ruffers rushed ahead to sniff hello. I was surprised when Dylan and Bear both started barking as Aston approached. We pulled over to the side of the trail and let him go by.

Variety Pack

There was a very chilly breeze this afternoon at the Goose Creek Greenway. Rey had her coat to help ward off the cold, while the rest of the pack had their longer coats. Prairie dogs were out chirping at us and both Griff and Rey were very drawn to them today. I had to keep stopping and having them walk back to me, to interrupt them pulling ahead to try to get to them. Imogene wasn't interested in prairie dogs; instead, she wanted to play with her packmates. For a stretch, she hopped around Ruffers and Rey as we walked.


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