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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Sputnik got to roam off leash along the Mesa Trail this morning. We headed that way in the hopes that it would be less busy than the main Chautauqua Trail. It wasn't as bustling, but it was still well-traveled, so I was frequently calling Ruffers and Sputnik back to me to let other hikers pass by. Riley stayed on leash with me, and was happy whenever her packmates came over to rejoin us. It was a beautiful day to be out. After spending last month on the trails that crisscross the mountain at the front of the Chautauqua, the dogs put their noses to work on the new scenery.

Variety Pack

Poppy was happy to see her packmates on her second-to-last pack outing, this afternoon, before she moves away. She joined in for some dodging and wrestling with Rey and Zoey before our walk. Poppy, Lou, and Zoey also took turns chewing on a big Kong bone we have. After that, we headed out toward Wonderland Lake. This afternoon was just as pleasant as during the hike this morning. There were a few spots along the way where everyone wanted to wade into the brush and spend some time sniffing around. Poppy hopped in place a bit at the sight of passing dogs, but managed to keep herself in check. Zoey and Lou were composed, as usual; and with her packmates all staying calm around her, Rey also behaved herself very well.


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