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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The air was a bit chillier than it has been lately, as Racer, Riley, Ruffers, and Imogene headed up the Mesa Trail for our pack hike. We met a Riley lookalike on the today. Her name is Zoey and she is about 6 years old. She is also a bit touchy about meeting new dogs, so the pack kept their distance as the humans chatted for a minute. The rest of the hike was pretty quiet, even though the trails were fairly busy.

Variety Pack

Rey, Blu, Carl, Zoey, and Gidget headed to the Boulder Creek Path for their walk this afternoon. It was a challenge keeping Blu from goose droppings along some stretches of the path, especially because Rey kept wanting to stop and pull off to the side so she could sniff around in the grass. I kept us on the move through most areas, but pulled over in spots that seemed clear. Whenever we stopped, everybody's noses were glued to the ground as they tuned into different scents and scattered in all directions.


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