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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Snow started to fall shortly before the pack headed out for their hike this morning. The trails were pretty empty. Riley and Sputnik took their time on the way up Bluebell Road toward Enchanted Mesa, as they wanted to sniff countless spots along the way. Once we got up to the Mesa Trail, Sputnik and Ruffers enjoyed some time off leash. Then, it was Ruffers who lingered behind to sniff around, while Sputnik kept up with me and Riley.

Variety Pack

Lou and Rey sprinted off through the snowy field beside the trail at CU South as soon as we started our walk this afternoon. Zoey took her time sniffing around at first, but then she joined in playing chase with her packmates. Rey ran rabbit while Lou and Zoey pursued her. We encountered several other friendly dogs along the way. One of them ran by and led Rey and Lou on a chase. It was a very active afternoon outing in the freshly-fallen snow.

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