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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Sputnik took it easy roaming the trails off leash together today. The whole pack made a stop in the shade of a tree and then Avo and Ruffers got their turn off leash. Avo ran big circles through the fields around the pack while Dylan and Sputnik continued to chill out. Ruffers waited with us but was poised to jump out at Avo whenever Avo's loops brought her pack near the pack. On the way down the Ski Jump Trail, I noticed a large cocoon on a small tree, filled with multiple catepillars. The dogs didn't care about it but I thought it was neat.

Variety Pack

Lou just wanted to lie in Martin Park when we set out for our afternoon walk along the Bear Creek Greenway. Carl and Rey were busy sniffing around and nibbling on twigs. Zoey and Milo were less purposeful as they poked around and waited for direction. I eventually got Lou moving and then she kept up the entire rest of the walk without insisting on stopping anymore. Carl and Rey were pretty interested in chewing on twigs again when we made our usual stop at the mile-marker boulder by the basketball courts.


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