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Thursday Pack Activities (1/25/2024)

Adventure Pack

Lumi enjoyed the remaining snow at Shanahan Ridge today. Racer kept her nose to the ground pretty much the entire hike. Griff was really into kicking up the quasi-muddy dirt. There were quite a few dogs out, and for the first time in a while, a dog came up to sniff with the pack even though we had pulled off the side of the trail and into the brush. He was a bouncy and curious Australian Shepherd who hopefully was as healthy as his demeanor would suggest.

Variety Pack

Arlo, Carl and Lumi headed to Bear Creek Greenway today. Martin Park was littered with goose droppings, and the culprits were hanging out around the entrance to the parking lot. The boys were all in the mood to kick up dirt like Griff had been doing this morning. I wonder whether something about the dampness of the ground makes it particularly appealing for the dogs to dig their claws into.


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