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Thursday Pack Activities (11/16/2023)

Adventure Pack

The pack lingered around the Chautauqua trail head to do some thorough sniffing at the outset of our hike. With the anti-momentum, Button decided she would rather lie down in place than ascend the mountain. After some unsuccessful attempts to get her moving with treats distributed to the whole pack, we changed course and headed to the flatter Baseline and Meadow Trails. Once we made it back to Chautauqua Trail a little while later, Button continued up the mountain without hesitation. The wind was pretty strong today, but I managed to keep my hat. Tucker, Racer and Griff were all good sports about following my lead as I navigated Button's stubbornness, and enjoyed the treats that everyone got in the process.

Variety Pack

Dylan was uncharacteristically happy to meet our recent pack addition, Arlo. He didn't grumble at all and instead followed him around with wagging tail and playful demeanor. The two hopped and wrestled around a bit before we headed to Bear Creek Greenway for our afternoon walk. Even during the walk, Dylan made a couple attempts to stir up some play with his new pal in a way that reminded me of our young, unruly boys Archie and Buddy. Clover had good energy throughout the walk, with frequent brief stops to sniff and relieve herself. Kona and Carl walked together at my other side. Kona pulled ahead a bit throughout most of the walk. Carl was eager to move over to the side of the path to sniff with Clover whenever we stopped.

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