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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer, Griff, and Sputnik headed to Shanahan Ridge this morning. It felt a little chillier out than I was expecting, but it was still pretty mild for a mid-winter day. Everybody sniffed around a lot through the first stretch of trail from the trail head. Racer was a little too interested in the dog poop we came across here and there throughout the hike, and I unfortunately had to utter the words, "Drop it," at one point.

Variety Pack

Zoey went with the flow more than usual today, and didn't insist on as many stops as usual as we made our way around Wonderland Lake. Avo, Riley, and Mamacita all had a very good day as far as their manners were concerned. None of them barked at any of the many dogs we passed; and the same goes without saying for Zoey, who is always a polite greeter.


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