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Thursday Pack Activities (2/16/2023)

Adventure Pack

Griff and Racer had two new pack members join them on the hike today - Tucker and Button! Tucker is a lively Bernese Mountain Dog and Button is a big, sweet Newfoundland. During the hike, Tucker mostly followed in place behind Racer while Racer tromped through the snowy bank beside the beaten trail. Button followed right behind me. Despite her size, she was very easy to manage as she took direction super well. Tucker also listened well whenever I addressed him, but he did get a little excited when he saw Griff roaming off leash and wanted to join him. We encountered a few other dogs at Shanahan Ridge. One was a happy-go-lucky Lab who thoroughly greeted Griff before bounding by the rest of us on his guardian's call. Racer made a move to try to intercept the fellow Lab as he went by, but to no avail. Tucker and Button stayed dutifully by my side. They both did a great job throughout the hike, and got along with Griff and Racer without any hiccups.

Variety Pack

After a long hiatus, Clover is back among some faces who are new to her since the times she and her late spirit-sister Monarch used to hike with the pack. Her new siblings - Tucker and Button - fit in well with the morning hike. Clover joined Zoey, Carl, Avo and Milo for an afternoon stroll along the Goose Creek Greenway by Valmont Park. She looked a little stiff at first, but loosened up a bit as we went and didn't have any trouble keeping up. The whole pack walked very nicely, with occasional stops to sniff in the snow. We passed a couple dogs along the way. Carl, Milo and Avo all perked up at the sight of them, but they sat at the side of the path and waited politely for them to pass as I doled out treats to everyone.


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