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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer really enjoyed plowing through the deep snow during our hike today. She periodically dipped her face into it, as well. Griff enjoyed running through the fields beside the trail. Sputnik was less animated than his packmates. He again resisted exiting the packmobile before the hike, but was coaxed out with a couple treats. There was no barking dog on the other side of the nearby fence, today, so I don't know what the cause was for his hesitation. He stuck pretty close by me, even when he was off leash, except when he went off the trail to relieve himself. We had several pleasant encounters with off-leash dogs who passed by close and sniffed hello with Griff, but gave Sputnik and Racer their space.

Variety Pack

The pack were patient as I tried to help dig out a lady's car from the snow on our way to Wonderland Lake. After that, Avo somehow slipped out of her harness with very little warning. She proceeded to run laps through the snowy field, while Riley and Mamacita hopped around in place. I had Riley and Mamacita sit for treats, and Avo immediately recognized the routine and came running back. Later on, Riley had some fun burying her face in the snow, much like Racer did this morning - except Riley really got her whole body into it, seeing how deep she could burrow.

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