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Thursday Pack Activities (3/14/2024)

Adventure Pack

There was a channel already laid through the trails at the Chautauqua, from early skiers taking advantage of the big snowfall. Racer completely disregarded the easy path, and instead plowed through the deeper snow off to the side. Alfie waded through the snow on the other side of the channel some of the time, but regularly moved into the beaten path. Lumi followed directly behind me, but still gathered tons of snowballs in his long coat. Griff took his usual point position, occasionally bounding back through the snow to the pack, to check in with us. Alfie got playful on and off throughout the hike. Lumi usually makes a b-line for snow, but he seemed somewhat less impressed with it when it was everywhere he looked and he had to trudge through it with every single step.

Variety Pack

Bear Creek Greenway was mostly plowed when the pack headed there for their afternoon walk; however, there were a few short stretches that were still a mess of deep, wet snow. Lumi didn't collect snowballs like he had on the hike earlier in the day. Alfie was a bit tired out from the hike and didn't have the same playful bounce in his gait. Arlo, on the other hand, was spry and playful. Carl made sure we stopped at the mile marker boulder, carrying on the tradition that Zoey was always adamant about keeping throughout her time with us. Everybody sniffed and then yellowed the snow there, as well as at a few other locations along the way.


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