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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Sputnik both had a lot of sniffing to do on our hike today, even after we passed the Baseline Trail and headed up the mountain. Despite the frequent pauses for the two of them to check things out, Griff wasn't that interested in the smells and rarely joined them in their investigations.

Variety Pack

Zoey was feeling playful today, and joined in with Avo and Riley when the two of them started hopping and wrestling around when we pulled off the Bear Creek Path to hang out in a grassy field for a minute. While those three mixed it up, Mamacita took the opportunity to roll in the grass. When we stopped at Martin Park at the end of our walk for a photo, Avo bolted and ran the length of the park and back. I was able to draw her back to me with a tennis ball that bounced into the park from the adjacent tennis courts, after bringing the rest of the pack back to the car, parked nearby.

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