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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik had his second return hike today, alongside Racer, Griff, and Carl. He was a little more interested in joining the sniffing that his packmates engaged in early on but was still the least curious investigator of the group. Griff, Carl, and Racer all kept tromping into the tall grass, following their noses. Later on in the hike, we encountered a big chunk of a tree limb that had been broken apart a bit, and that caught the attention of Sputnik more than the others. He sniffed at the primary chunk of lumber, and then poked around at some of the large splinters that were scattered around the area, perhaps unraveling the mystery of what caused the unusual pattern of destruction.

Variety Pack

Carl joined Gidget for a walk around Wonderland Lake with Jen this afternoon, while Mamacita, Imogene, Zoey, Avo, Ruffers, and Blu headed with me to the Goose Creek Greenway in Valmont. The sky was threatening (or promising) rain, but all that came of the gray above was the gentlest sprinkle.

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