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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack followed their usual routine today: Carl lingered behind then raced to catch up with Griff, who scouted ahead, while Racer and Sputnik sniffed around on leash with me. What was different about today was how interested Carl, Racer, and Sputnik all were in nibbling on the fresh sprigs of grass that are beginning to pop up. Sputnik was especially ravenous in his grazing. At first, I thought he was feeling sick; but when I noticed his packmates going for it as well - and the fact that Sputnik's stomach didn't seem to be turning at all - I realized that he was just really enjoying it.

Variety Pack

Rey also showed some interest in nibbling on grass during our walk along the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. Zoey, Ruffers, and Riley, on the other hand, didn't seem to care about it. The dogs were all calm and happy throughout the walk, despite the passing of several skateboards. It was a beautiful afternoon to be out.


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