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Tuesday Pack Activities (11/15/2022)

Adventure Pack

Carl, Griff, Racer and Dylan enjoyed the freshly-fallen snow at the Chautauqua this morning. Carl bounded through it; Racer munched on it; Griff and Dylan sniffed in it and left their marks. The trails were pretty empty today. We saw one pair of dogs on our way up the mountain, and Dylan barked as we passed them. Mud-stained snowballs clung to Carl's legs an underside. The rest of the pack got some muddy snow on them, but it didn't stick as much to their fur.

Variety Pack

Dylan hung out around the concrete pad with me at the Valmont Dog Park, getting lots of love from the humans who were there. Meanwhile, Petie was wandering around the park, greeting all the different dogs who came and went.


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