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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers joined Griff, Sputnik, and Racer on the trails at CU South this morning. Sputnik and Griff both spent part of the hike off-leash with her. Unfortunately, Griff was tempted by a pile of poop - something he usually is not drawn to - and then spent the remainder of his time leashed up. Ruffers was very happy to greet each dog we passed, and to make playful moves with anyone who was game. Griff and Racer got to meet the pack's new Vizsla friend from yesterday. Everyone again sniffed hello in a very friendly and polite manner.

Variety Pack

Avo and Rey got to race around in the field beside the trail at CU South this afternoon. Avo's fun came to an abrupt end when she got a spiky cactus ball stuck in her leg. She came back over to me, holding her paw up - but refused to let me get near the cactus stuck in her. We went the rest of the hike before she ended up picking it out herself, once we returned to the packmobile. We then discovered another one stuck in one of her hind legs. I don't think that one had gotten as deep as the first, because she actually let me pluck it off with a comb. Zoey and Mamacita were pretty chill throughout the walk, while Rey ran around a bit with some of the other dogs we came across. Avo was well-mannered today, despite - or perhaps because of - the distraction of spiky cactus balls stuck to her legs.


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