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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

When I let Griff off the leash today, he looked up at me a couple times as if to check whether it was really okay to go ahead. I reassured him and he trotted up the trail to sniff ahead of the pack. Sputnik joined him a short while later, and the two of them together headed for the shade of the nearest tree. During our first water break, I decided to keep the water coming until Sputnik and Racer each turned away - Griff wasn't interested in taking a drink. Sputnik drank for a while, but Racer drank water for so long that I started growing concerned that she was going to vomit from overfilling her belly. She eventually turned aside, and thankfully kept the water down through the rest of our hike; however, Sputnik developed an upset stomach near the end of the hike and started chomping all longer blades of grass that he could find, though he didn't end up vomiting it up.

Variety Pack

Zoey is often just waking up from a nap and seems a bit dazed when I pick her up for the pack outing, and today she was especially reluctant to abandon her slumber. Avo was the only one who wiggled around in the grass today, as Mamacita just stood and watched along with Rey and Zoey, for a change. Rey was insistent on stopping for a moment in a shaded spot on the northeast corner of the path around Wonderland Lake, where she always likes to take a break. After pulling over to the shade under the tree there and getting a quick pet, she was ready to go again.


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