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Tuesday Pack Activities (2/20/2024)

Adventure Pack

Griff took his usual point position about 10 yards ahead of the rest of the pack. Meanwhile, Imogene raced up and down and around the trail. Griff was swept up in Imogene's playful spirits a couple times, and ran beside her for a brief bit. Arlo was tuned into Imogene's energy. He perked up to watch as she ran, and hopped toward her when she came close. Meanwhile, Racer wasn't at all interested in Imogene's antics; she just wanted to munch on some snow.

Variety Pack

Carl and Ruffers headed to Bear Creek Greenway for the afternoon. They both took their time investigating smells today - both in the dead grass and over the dwindling snowbanks. Carl was zealous about leaving evidence of his own presence by marking every point of interest, while Ruffers was content just to get the news without adding her two cents.


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