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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Lou joined Racer, Griff, and Sputnik for the hike this morning. Sputnik and Lou took a long while to sniff hello with each other when they met in the packmobile. Griff hung out in the back and didn't bother to get up to say hello when Lou and Racer hopped in. There was no shortage of yellow snow along the Baseline Trail, and the pack wanted to sniff all of it. Racer couldn't get enough of snow in general. She plowed her way through it all during the hike. Near the end of the hike, Sputnik was feeling bold and made an attempt to mount Lou, which earned him a very quick and snarly reprimand. He backed off immediately, and did not try that again.

Variety Pack

Avo, Rey, and Mamacita were all on alert during our walk this afternoon. Even when I brought them well off the side of the trail, through the snow, to get some space from passing dogs, Avo couldn't resist the urge to let them know that she didn't approve of their presence; and Mamacita and Rey were both happy to add their own commentary to that sentiment. At least Zoey was calm, although she was sometimes hesitant to follow the pack off the path and into the snow.


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