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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was another beautiful day for hiking! Racer, Griff, and Sputnik headed up the Mesa Trail. Even though the snow is gone, Racer still wanted to tromp around off trail. Sputnik frequently joined her to sniff at various points along the way. Griff mostly stuck by my side, on the the trail, while his packmates checked things out.

Variety Pack

Rey was off leash and served as the pack's forward greeter of the first dog we passed at CU South this afternoon. Avo quickly followed up behind her to sniff hello as well. Zoey was sniffing around, off leash, behind us, and then caught up to make her greetings with the friendly Goldendoodle. Mamacita was content to sniff the air from a distance, at my side, while her packmates were all getting acquainted with the other dog. The whole pack was very calm and mild-mannered today. Combined with the very comfortable weather, it made for one of the most pleasant pack walks we've had in a while. We came across a few other dogs along the way, and everyone made friendly greetings with no barking.