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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik was in a great mood today, sporting his "bravery badge" bandana after he had his first post-radiation checkup, which showed positive signs. He and Racer enjoyed munching on snow when we passed through the shaded stretch of the Mesa Trail. Meanwhile, Griff and Carl were scouting out the trail ahead together, as they usually do. The parking lot at the Chautauqua was quite full, and we came across many other hikers.

Variety Pack

A new member joined the pack today - Petie! Petie is a sweet and shy German Shepherd who is the brother of a former Valmont Dog Park regular named Raffa. Petie was not used to being out without his mom, and spent a lot of the time going back and forth between the park gates. I eventually put him on leash and had him walk around the park with me instead, and he seemed a lot less stressed then. Avo and Rey followed us pretty closely, and occasionally ran around and wrestled with each other. Mamacita took her time traversing the park. We went over to see her a few times, so Raffa could sniff around areas she was checking out. A little pup followed Mamacita around on and off for a bit, but Mamacita didn't really pay any attention to him. Zoey was busy making friends and getting them to throw her tennis ball for her, but she sometimes came over to check in with the rest of the pack.


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