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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a beautiful day for hiking and the trails at the Chautauqua were full of people. Racer, Griff, Carl, and Sputnik all enjoyed the time out. Racer and Carl did a good bit of sniffing along the sides of the trails. Sputnik got some pets from a hiker who described him as 'pure love' when he leaned into her for more. Griff did his usual scouting routine.

Variety Pack

Mamacita quickly picked up a Redbone Coonhound follower at the Valmont Dog Park, who hung around her and bayed on and off throughout our park visit. Zoey zeroed in on someone throwing a nylon disc for their own dog. She hung around them for a while, hoping to snag the disc for herself, before rejoining the pack at the other end of the park and playing some fetch with me. Petie and Milo kept on the move for the most part, except Milo occasionally took breaks in the shade. Near the end of our visit, several friendly dogs showed up and spent some time greeting the pack.


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