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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer, Sputnik, Griff, and Carl headed to Gregory Canyon again this morning. Carl and Racer both kept heading into the tall grass as we traversed the Chautauqua Meadow. Sputnik and Griff stuck more to the edge of the trail as they sniffed around. No deer parts were uncovered today.

Variety Pack

There is a sign at the Valmont Dog Park's south entrance indicating that the city is aware of the muddy expanse at that end of the park. Zoey took full advantage of the opportunity to make a mess. Sanni and Petie also splashed around in the mud a bit. Milo ran through while chasing other dogs, but wasn't deliberately trying to make a mess. Mamacita stuck to the dry ground. Zoey, Sanni, Petie, and Milo all joined in some chases and all had a blast today. Mamacita meandered through the park at her own pace and then hung out near the gate for the last part of our visit.

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