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Wednesday Pack Activities (11/15/2023)

Adventure Pack

Lucy was pretty amped up about the pack hike, and got Dylan and Bear both to grumble at her in the packmobile as she wiggled and sniffed at their faces. She eventually settled down and the boys no longer felt the need to communicate their displeasure about her unbridled demeanor. Ruffers joined us and we headed to the Chautauqua. Everyone stayed on leash until we were past the spot where the dogs keep being drawn off trail and into the thick brush. Lucy and Bear lapped up a little bit of water from the CamelBak; Dylan and Ruffers refused the offer.

Variety Pack

Alfie, Kona, Lumi, Buddy and Archie headed to CU South Campus for a light hike on the mostly-flat trails there. Archie and Buddy were pretty excitable today, towards passing dogs, their packmates and each other. Alfie and Kona kept out of the mix; Lumi was happy to respond with some playful moves of his own, but only when egged on by his companions.

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