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Wednesday Pack Activities (11/9/2022)

Adventure Pack

Ruffers, Avo and Dylan enjoyed their hike at the Chautauqua this morning. Several hikers commented on Avo's joyful demeanor as she frolicked off leash. Avo has been making a habit of discovering poo off the trail and then refusing to come when I try to call her off of it. Today was another instance of this. As I gathered her up, Dylan also tested out a couple licks before I shooed him along. At least Ruffers didn't partake. At the end of our hike, Avo stopped and turned around when a hiker we passed addressed the dogs. She waited in place for the hiker to catch up and give her some pets. Seeing this, Ruffers and Dylan both moved in to get their share of love as well.

Variety Pack

Rey and Archie had a little trouble staying on pace with the rst of the pack on our walk at CU South this afternoon, as they kept pulling ahead. Meanwhile, Carl, Imogene and Zoey stayed pretty well in formation. We saw a few dogs on the return stretch of our walk. Archie kept turning around and standing on his hind legs to watch them after they passed by in the opposite direction.


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