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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The hike started out with gorgeous weather. Ruffers, Dylan, and Sputnik took a leisurely pace at first, taking plenty of time to sniff rocks, weeds, and tree trunks along the way. Our pace picked up a bit as the hike went on, and the air took on a chill as the breeze grew stronger. Dylan sniffed hello with a few other dogs, while Ruffers and Sputnik passed by on leash with me. By the last stretch of the hike, there were some strong gusts of cold wind, and I had to recover my hat after it was blown off my head. When I was dropping off Ruffers afterward, Dylan took the chance to hop into the driver's seat and demand a bit of snuggling before he would return to the back.

Variety Pack

Zoey was looking extra pretty with little red bows at the base of her ears and a poofed-up coat. Imogene was all over Rey at the beginning of our walk. After jumping on top of her and hopping around her for the first few minutes, she eventually settled into pace for the walk. Rey played it cool and let Imogene bounce around off of her without much reaction, showing her pal that it was walking time. Even when she wasn't jumping on Rey, Imogene would occasionally make sudden movements, as if she had just discovered a rabbit was right next to her - but there was no rabbit; I have no idea what was eliciting her reactions.