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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Every so often, Sputnik poked his nose in the snow to smell what was covered and chomp on a mouthful of fluff. Dylan rolled around in the snow too many times to count. Ruffers mostly brought up the rear, but there were a couple times when she and Dylan raced each other up the trail. The pack had a great time on the snowy Mesa Trail today!

Variety Pack

Imogene leapt around Carl at the beginning of our walk. Carl watched her with interest and made a few playful moves, but was a bit unsure about how to engage the wild, flailing ragdoll of puppy-energy that is Imogene. Rey, on the other hand, stood her ground firmly and wrestled around with Imogene a little bit before we turned our attentions to walking. We made a couple long stops early on in the walk. After that, Zoey didn't even care about most of the usual spots around Wonderland Lake, so we were on the move most of the time. The trail was pretty slushy, but the doodles seemed to come away without their curly-coated legs and bellies getting too messy; and Rey's short fur was especially easy to wipe down, as always.

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