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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Sputnik were both a bit touchy at the start of our hike, and responded to a passing Husky with growls when he started to approach us at the trailhead. A short while later, Dylan found his manners again when he greeted a Golden Retriever alongside Ruffers, and Sputnik also kept his cool as he walked by at my side. After that, Ruffers hopped around Dylan until he obliged her playful advances by racing a short way up the trail with her. Sputnik got a dollop of snow on his nose from sniffing around.

Variety Pack

Riley was a little wary about Imogene before our walk today, since they usually come out on different days and don't know each other yet; so I sat in the back of the packmobile with them and doled out treats for a little while to facilitate the greeting before we gathered up Rey and headed to Wonderland Lake for our pack walk. Zoey was already with us, and she just took it easy while her packmates were getting acquainted. On the walk, Zoey was more go-with-the-flow than usual, not insisting on many stops along the way. Rey was our most curious sniffer today, veering off from the path at various points to check out scents of interest, with Riley following up close at her heels.

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