Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Due to the smoke that was thick in the air, I decided to take a leisurely pace along flat trails with Sputnik and Dylan. The boys were happy to take their time and thoroughly sniff various shrubs and blades of grass along the way. When they both got to be off leash together for a while, they just ambled along a short way ahead of me. Sputnik ran up ahead and spun around once; but when Dylan didn't react to the goading, Sputnik just trotted back and returned to sniffing around beside his buddy.

Variety Pack

A new pack member joined her first pack activity today: Imogene! Imogene is a 14-month-old Doodle who is already friends with Rey. Poppy was very excited to meet a new friend, and hopped right out of the car to sniff and get acquainted. Zoey was more composed, and took her time coming out to sniff hello. Imogene was a bit nervous but she was mostly curious, and everyone made friendly greetings. Rey joined the rest of them in the packmobile right after that, and Imogene was very happy to see her friend. At the beginning of our walk, all Imogene wanted to do was jump all over Rey. It was amusing to see Rey - the relentlessly playful puppy of the pack - trying to act cool with Imogene around her packmates. She stood in place and barely reacted to Imogene jumping and crawling around all over her, even though I have heard rumors about how Rey gets so excited to play with Imogene that she jumps the neighbor's fence to visit her. Poppy, on the other hand, dropped into play-bows and hopped around to get Imogene's attention. As we were walking, I kept Imogene on one side with Zoey, in the hopes that Zoey's pretty reliably calm and collected demeanor would have an impression on our newest pack member. Rey and Poppy flanked my other side, and they fell into pace pretty quickly. Imogene was a bit overstimulated and took a while to settle into the walk. Even by the end of the walk, she wasn't quite settled, but she calmed down significantly as we went. Her packmates and I all look forward to seeing her again next week!