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Wednesday Pack Activities (3/15/2023)

Adventure Pack

Today's Adventure Pack started out rough, as Avo had diarrhea that hit her in the car just a minute before we made it to the Chautauqua. She had seemed extra eager to go out for the hike - leaning her head on my shoulder and pacing back and forth. It turns out it was from anxiety rather than excitement. The mess was fairly well maintained, and I covered the area with towels after wiping it up. The rest of the pack was eager to get out of the car and away from the smell, as was I. Once we were out on the trail, things went a lot better. Bear continues to fit into the pack nicely, and he was eager to see his hiking buddies again today. Dylan got a good soak in the stream on the way up to Enchanted Mesa, while Ruffers, Bear and Avo all took a drink. The remaining patches of packed ice were pretty slushy today, and Bear again rubbed his neck in it - getting a lot wetter from it this time than when he did the same move Monday. Dylan was satisfied with his dip in the stream, and opted not to roll in the slush. Avo's energy level was fine despite the tummy troubles she was experiencing. Ruffers brought up the rear, taking her time to sniff, as usual. The pack got a lot of attention from one of the OSMP volunteers, named Jessie, whom we often see at the Chautauqua. They also crowded around to get love from a pair of hikers who said they were missing their dog from back home.

Variety Pack

Rey, Imogene and Archie spent a little longer hanging out at the house today while I cleaned and disinfected the back of the packmobile after Avo's accident this morning. Imogene rested while Rey and Archie took the opportunity to engage in a non-stop wrestle-fest. Between the wrestling and the warm temperature in the house, they were panting heavily and drank lots of water before we even set out for our walk at the Boulder Creek Path. The Path was a bit livelier today than it had been through the winter, as the warmer weather brought out more people walking - some with their dogs. Archie still has some work to do on containing his excitement when he sees another dog walk by. Rey and Imogene provided good examples, which he will hopefully start picking up on.


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