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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers, Dylan, and Sputnik enjoyed time paired off leash together at the Chautauqua today. The pairs of them mostly stuck together when they were off leash. No running or chasing - just calmly exploring side-by-side, as they mostly stuck to the trail. They all came back to me fairly promptly whenever I called them over to let other hikers pass by. It was a nice time out on the mountain.

Variety Pack

Imogene had her second pack outing today! Rey's reservations about playing with Imogene around her packmates were totally gone today. When we stopped at the house before our walk, the two of them were all over each other. Zoey joined in the fun to wrestle around with Rey, as well. We headed to the Bear Creek Path in South Boulder, and Imogene just wanted to jump all over Rey for the first part of the walk. Poppy was excited about all of Imogene's playful energy, and hopped around with her a bit. As we continued to walk, Poppy settled down and Imogene eventually did as well. We stopped for a photo op in a grassy field beside the path, as we often do. Unfortunately, Rey reacted poorly to a rollerblader who went by right after I snapped a shot, and I failed to snatch her leash up before she uncharacteristically ran toward the rollerblader, barking. I grabbed the other dogs' leashes and rounded up Rey, and thankfully the rollerblader was friendly and seemed to have no hard feelings about Rey's unfriendly outburst. Poppy got a little bit worked up, seeing Rey's reaction to the rollerblader; but Poppy seemed unconcerned with the rollerblader himself, and just wanted to get Rey to play with her. Imogene and Zoey stayed calm and friendly through the scene. We rarely encounter rollerbladers on our walks, but it looks like I'll need to keep an eye out for them with Rey. Aside from that brief encounter, the walk was pleasant. Imogene seems to be getting along with her new packmates very well.


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